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Follow these guidelines to maintain and extend the life of your wood floors:
  • Squeaky is a cleaning product we recommend.  Mist floor and use micro-fibered Swiffer to buff.
  • Never use oil base cleaning produce as they can built up over time and cause a haze. If this happens, the next time you have your floors refinished a more aggressive process will be needed to achieve the original beauty.
  • Use a soft bristle brooms or vacuum attachments regularly to remove debris from your wood floors.
  • Place felt pads on the bottoms of all furniture, this will reduce scratches.
  • Do not mop wood floors; wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Keep your home thermostat between 68 -72 degrees.
  • Keep moisture levels in your home between 30%- 50%. High moisture levels can cause wood floors to cup and low moisture levels can cause shrinking and gapping.
  • Using throw rugs at inside and outside entries will cut down on debris and prevent stretches.
  • Have your wood floors professionally cleaned ever two years; this will help remove old debris and cleaning products that can dull your floor over time.
  • Have your wood floors professionally screen and recoated every 5-7 years depending on floor traffic.