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     Hardwood floors are an investment our professionals can determine if hardwood floors are right for your home. The first step in the installation process is having one of our technicians inspect your home. Our technician will need to test moisture level as wood floor are not suitable for all homes such as homes on slabs. Once it has been determined your home is suitable for hardwood floors the next step is to choose a wood species, size, and color. There are many wood spices to choose from some the most common are red oak, white oak, maple, hickory, walnut, and cherry. Our technician can help find the right flooring for your needs.

The average time for most installations is 5 to 7 day. Installation is a four-step process if a natural finish is chosen, five steps if stain is applied. If stain is chosen, extra time will be needed for the drying process. Darker stains typically take long to dry. The following represent the steps taken.
  • Installation
  • Sanding
  • Apply stain if chosen
  • 2 coats polyurethane -1st coat on 1st day and 2nd coat on 2nd day
  • Buffing and final 3rd coat of polyurethane - 3rd day

            We use the best dust containment equipment available; however, even the best equipment will not be 100% dust free. Our equipment does contain 98% of the airborne dust created while sanding your floors. With our equipment the sanding process will leave an amount of dust equal to 3 - 4 weeks of normal household dust.

If the area to be installed constitutes a major portion of your living area it would be recommended to vacate your home during the installation process.
It is best that the home is not occupied during the installation process, due to the following reasons:
  • Limited access to living areas
  • Technicians will be working extensive hours to finish your project as soon as possible
  • Polyurethane emits a strong odor that will last for a few day.

     Clear areas of all furniture. Draw blinds and remove window treatments. This will protect fabrics and provide a well-lit workspace. Dependng on the rooms in your project, some of the following may or may not apply. Refrigerators and ranges need to be removed before we arrive. Remove contents from countertops. Remove toilets.

     If you are unable to meet our crew in the morning to let us in, please coordinate with the office to provide a key so we can get started right away. 

       For your pet's safety and to ensure the project's best completion, pets should be contained in a secure area away from the project.

        Wait 8 to 10 hours before walking with stocking feet on the floor after the final polyurethane coat, 24 hours with shoes. After 48 hours pets and furniture can be put back on the floor. Use felt leg protectors on the furniture.
         Do not cover newly finished floors with area rugs for minimum of 30 days. Even though the surface may feel hard to the touch it will take 30 days for polyurethane to be fully cured and hardened.
Allow one week before using water based cleaning products on the floor.















Common Flooring Sizes

Width:               2 1/4 inch, 3 1/4 inch, 4 inch
Thickness:        3/4 inch Length
Random length is most common


Wood Grade:

Clear Grade: Boards are long, uniform in color, and with no blemishes.

Select: Boards are not as long a clear but still fairly uniform in color with few blemishes.

#1 Common: Boards have more character the select grade with more variation in color with more blemishes.

#2 Common: Boards have more charecter and shorter then #1 common with more color variations.

Rustic: Boards are short with average length of 16 inches long. Knots are color variations are obvious.